What does sustainable mean?

 And more specifically, how do you define sustainable art or craft?


Since launching Northern Regards Artisan Market we’ve been asked to define sustainable. In fact, we’ve even asked ourselves to define it.

wiki 2

And yet, what does that mean in relation to Northern Regards Artisan Market and our quest to showcase handmade sustainable wares ?

This is what sustainable means to us

SONY DSCTaking an item destined for landfill and reinventing it, for example, taking linens from your mum’s cupboard or op teapartyshop and creating new handmade clothes with them. Rescuing that old crockery and creating something useful and beautiful.

Creating handmade items  with natural product, for example, knitting beanies with Australian grown wool and using soy to make candles.Jackie Made This

Circulation Necklace 5b WMUsing post consumer/recycled products in your creations, for example, using recycled paper to make cards or recycled silver and copper in jewellery construction.

For us 2

For us, sustainable designs, craft and art does not have to mean that every element of the work you display or the piece you buy has to be upcycled or recycled. It can be hard to find quality recycled cottons, glues and bicycle powered sewing machines !

Sustainability for us

As makers of craft that use recycling and upcycling, we are committed to encouraging others and showcasing just what can be achieved.

So, it may not satisfy Wikipedia, but that is the definition of sustainable by Northern Regards.

We are so looking forward to introducing more talenteartisans at Northern Regards Artisan Market.




About Northern Regards

Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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