Let’s get ready to RUMMAGE !


We are of the strong opinion that as market organisers we are all in this market game together.

We like supporting other markets.

We definitely like visiting and occassionally taking our wares to other markets.

Which is why, you’ll find us selling our wares and talking about Northern Regards Artisan Market at Sunday’s Suitcase Rummage.

This is a market with a difference. No tables, just suitcases. Vintage, second hand and handmade. It’s all there to be rummaged and discovered.

You’ll find us at the North Melbourne Town Hall from 12-5pm.

Thanks to the Suitcase Rummage team for featuring us on their blog today :


We’re looking forward to Sunday. If anyone sees up with a clipboard, please take it off us !


About Northern Regards

Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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