Z Twist Art

Northern Regards Artisan Market is excited to welcome back…

Z Twist Art

The next instalment of our ‘getting to know our returning stallholders’ is Z Twist Art


Why do you choose to use recycled/upcycled or sustainable pieces in your handmade craft ?

 I’d like to be able to make a strong intellectual environmental statement, but really I’m just irresistibly drawn to the natural fibres and the soothing rhythms of handmade. It feels as though working close to nature—using local produced wools and fibres—is a natural extension of who I am.

Why is handmade important to you ?

Handmade is real, personal and fun. My own handmade work is an expression of my personality. The handmade work of others gives me something of themselves. And it’s healthy for people and for our environment.

z twist 3 oct 2013

Which is your favorite Melbourne suburb and why ?

I’d have to say, Northcote! Really, there’s so much going on and a great collection of all sorts of people

*Editors note – we have to agree – Northcote is clearly our fave suburb too !

When you are not making or selling at markets, what would we find you doing ?

Caring for young people and a couple of geriatric Jack Russel terriers. I teach textiles and I’ve started working with clay—just for the joy of it.

Coffee or tea ?  Wine or Beer ? 

Definitely coffee!


So come on down to Northern Regards Artisan Market on Saturday 2nd November 11am til 4 at Northcote Social Club and enjoy a vino and come watch Z Twist Art spinning her wool and tales of textiles.

We can’t wait to see you there!



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Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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