Flowers Vacola

Northern Regards Artisan Market is excited to welcome back…

Flowers Vacola

Here’s what another of our gorgeous returning stallholders Flowers Vacola had to say….

Flowers Vacola 1

Why do you choose to use recycled/upcycled or sustainable pieces in your handmade craft ?

I like things that tell a story, If it can be recycled/upcycled and not left to landfill then we are making our world a better place. It also amazes me that, what was once, is now something completely different.

Why is handmade important to you ?

It is our creativity, love, passion, ideas, hard work all laid out in an object/s. Handmade is a personal experience filled with all the energies of the maker, All the profits go to that person and not a big company paying miniscule wages. Handmade is often better made.

Flowers Vacola 5

Which is your favourite Melbourne suburb and why ?

I actually don’t have a favourite but Northcote is up there with the best!!, I moved out of Melbourne after 15yrs to country living, 7yrs have flown by and we still love it.

When you are not making or selling at markets, what would we find you doing ?

Crocheting, Picking wildflowers from across the road, Dreaming about making palm free organic soap, skincare and soy candles, Looking up Fowlers Vacola Jars on eBay!!

Flowers Vacola 4 Flowers Vacola 3

Coffee or tea ? Wine or beer ?

Wine, (Sauvignon blanc). Tea, (earl grey). Coffee, (latte drinker). Beer, (invalid stout).

So come on down to Northern Regards Artisan Market on Saturday 2nd November 11am til 4 at Northcote Social Club and enjoy some gorgeous scents with Flowers Vacola!

We can’t wait to see you there!



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Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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