Found n Bound

Northern Regards Artisan Market is excited to welcome back…

Found n Bound

We know we love their crafty ways, but we thought we could get to know our returning stallholders a little more intimately this month – so we asked them some questions…  Found n Bound


Why do you choose to use recycled/upcycled or sustainable pieces in your handmade craft ?

Items that has been used before have such history attached to them – that’s why I love to recycle vintage books. Anything to reduce the amount of waste we produce and throw away is always a good thing.

Why is handmade important to you ?

It’s important to me because I know I’m getting something special when I purchase handmade and it’s made by someone who loves what they do…and all of that is just good for the soul!

Northern Regards August 10 Found n Bound

Which is your favorite Melbourne suburb and why ?

Windsor – for the great pubs, coffee shops on every corner and the famous Mamara’s Turkish restaurant.

When you are not making or selling at markets, what would we find you doing ?

You can find me working 9-5 in an office in Canterbury doing ‘Business Transformation’ (trust me – making journals is much more exciting)

Coffee or tea ? Wine or beer ? 

Coffee & Wine


So come on down to Northern Regards Artisan Market on Saturday 2nd November 11am til 4 at Northcote Social Club and enjoy a well deserved wine with the fantastic Found n Bound !

We can’t wait to see you there!



About Northern Regards

Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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