Jackie Made This

Northern Regards Artisan Market is excited to welcome back…

Jackie Made This

Jackie Made This Collage

We thought we would try to get to know our wonderful returning stall holders Jackie Made This a little more intimately this month – so we asked them some questions…

Why do you choose to use recycled/upcycled or sustainable pieces in your handmade craft ?

All my pieces are made using natural fibres, which makes them sustainable and recyclable, but also provides a look and feel that is just not available with synthetic fibres.

Jackie Made This

Why is handmade important to you ?

Handmade allows me to develop every piece I make, which makes it that much more special for the final customer. I know how much I enjoy receiving something that has been made with love by a talented individual, and I hope people feel that way when they receive a piece by Jackie Made This

Which is your favorite Melbourne suburb and why ?

I don’t know, Melbourne is so special as there are so many suburbs with fantastic things happening all the time!

When you are not making or selling at markets, what would we find you doing ?

Hanging out with family and friends, eating good food.

Coffee or tea ? Wine or beer ?

Tea all the way, all day long! And definitely a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

Northern Regards August 10 Jackie Made This

So come on down to Northern Regards Artisan Market on Saturday 2nd November 11am til 4 at Northcote Social Club and enjoy a vino and our fantastic stallholders, including Jackie Made This.

We can’t wait to see you there!



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Northern Regards Artisan Market. An Atmospheric Artisan Market in Melbourne’s North….with beer !
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